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Monthly Devotion

December 2023 - Decorations

Every Christmas I get VERY excited about 2 bits of 1970’s plastic that have somehow survived the test of time, survived changes in bauble and decoration style, and made it through numerous clear-outs over the years.

A blue-eyed Father Christmas and a blonde-haired angel, in praying mode no less!

These are just two of the treasures that I have kept from childhood. They remind me of Christmases past, the people I shared the season with, the fun that we had, the stories we shared.

They also remind me, what will be old, word and out dated for some, is vintage and magical to others!



     This Advent and Christmas may
     you treasure and ponder the
     right things in your heart. And
     may you hold on to the old
     vintage things that open up
     treasured memories to remind
     you of days past - and your
     Friends in Light cheering you





I have been asked about these items of beauty! They do take pride of place in an already over-stocked tree full of oddments 😊
My stock answer is, “I treasure them”.

Have you a particular ornament or decoration that you treasure? Why is it so special? Was it a gift? Does it represent a special time or place or person?

Luke’s Gospel records:
“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (2:19).

Mary heard the story and responded to it by:

How will you respond?

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