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2013    Apolo Project

For our project this year, we will be working with Latin Link on the Apolo Project.  Why the Apolo project? – because that is where it operates from.  Apolo is a small town in Bolivia located about 12 hours drive north of La Paz, the administrative capital of Bolivia.


Facts about Bolivia:-

  • An area of South America over four times the size of the UK
  • Population is approximately 1/6th of the UK
  • Once the richest S American country, but the fall in prices on the international market for silver, tin and cotton,  along with corrupt, unstable government and poor infrastructure now make it the continent’s poorest.
  • Official languages: Spanish, Aymara, Quechua
  • 37 indigenous languages spoken, all officials must speak at least one of them by law.
  • Quechua people date back to pre Inca times and have experienced major spiritual growth and responsiveness to the Word over recent years.

This is the people group that our project is to support.  They are working:-

  • to develop communities using their skills in agriculture and veterinary services to help people become more self sufficient and improve their quality of life.
  • to strengthen Churches by developing leaders and helping Christians to both recognise and use the gifts God has given them to serve in their local Churches
  • to help equip in staff and equipment the “Happy Heart Children’s Centre” – a nursery set up by local Christians as another way of serving the local community.

Travel is incredibly difficult and one of the main ways to reach the twelve or so villages where they are working is by quad bike and even so, it may take several hours to get to them.


A pack has been provided with more information about the project for each Church.  If you had a representative at Conference, you will have picked up a pack there.  If not, Jan has a pack available for you at your Church.  Please contact her on the number below and ask for one.


Further information available from Jan Shepherd, 01530 837267 or shepherd.janette@gmail.com

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